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hot air drying tunn

hot air drying tunnel production line

Name:hot air drying tunnel production line
Details :

1. Components and their function:

1。1 Conveyor belts and function:

We adopt complex conveyor belts, it’s much better than the single belt。

The advantage is that the products will be turned over when dropped from upper layer to middle layer to lower layer。 So that the products can be dried evenly。

1.2 Heating system and function:

Heating system:

A. Heater, control valve, pipes:

Heater is a seamless steel pipe twisted aluminium flake, it’s light and handy but with high heating efficiency, convenient and reliable, temperature can be controlled accurately, the function is heating and adjusting the temperature of drying media.

B. Air stove, high temperature flue gas furnace. The heat energy can be input into the machine through hot air pipe and flue gas pipe. The function is also heating the temperature of drying media.

C. Ventilating system.

2。 Application:

This mesh belt type drying machine can continuously working, mainly use for drying, dehydration and solidification of piece shape, stripe shape and granulated shape products.

3. Working principle:

After air blower starting, drying media can be blew to heater and then the temperature will be raised, the high temperature media then blow to products, so the water on the skin will be evaporated and will be carried out from the exhausted outlet.

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