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Retort / jacket cook

Hot Water Immersion Type Retort

Name:Hot Water Immersion Type Retort
Details :

Preheating the sterilizing water in the upper tank with steam, provide heat source to the sterilizing。

Raising temperature: preheated water fill the sterilizing tank quickly, initial temperature rises quickly.

Sterilizing: sufficiently supplied steam heat recycle, heat distribution steady。

Cooling system: cooling water is injected to the retort to cool the food directly. Three kinds of control system including manualsemi auto^ full automatic PLC control are available.

Double layer compact design, hot water preheat-store-recycle system.

The hot water pump back to the preheating upper tank and waiting for next batch, save steam 30% (comparing single tank hot water immersion retort)

Water flow shift function, stir the water flow inside the retort, realized the temperature uniformity of the retort. 


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