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What are the applications of sandwich pot in food production?

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What are the applications of sandwich pot in food production?
  Sandwich pot according to the heating method is divided into steam heating, electric heating and gas heating three, in the halogen, maturation and frying process in the process of status is very important, steam heating suitable for cooking cooked food, electric heating for boiled and brine foods Gas heating is more suitable for frying food consumption.
  Sandwich pot temperature uniformity, convenient and efficient discharge, the cost is relatively reasonable, easy to install。
  It is worth noting that steam-heated sandwich pots require the boiler to provide steam thermal energy, and pressure safety precautions are required.
Gas sandwich pot use must pay attention to the following points:
1, should use liquefied petroleum gas, pipeline gas, natural gas and other fuels, the use of oil is strictly prohibited;
2, connecting the cooker hose and the end of the furnace and the valve to be tightened, and should be naturally drooping under the kitchen surface, and to maintain the distance of 10 cm or more, so as not to be charred fire, causing an accident;
3, do not install the gas heated sandwich pot room, then use the coal stove, liquefied petroleum gas or other stoves;
4, heating gas sandwich sandwich pot do not stack the flammable items;
5, gas venues must ensure that spacious and well-ventilated;
6, gas heated sandwich cooker ignition gas to someone care;
7, people go to turn off;
8, found to leak or abnormalities to quickly close the valve to open the doors and windows ventilation;
9, to check before the gas supply valve and the stove switch is closed or not。

   Shandong Ke De Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in research and development and manufacture of fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment, bottled bottled pasteurization line equipment, sterilization equipment and a variety of food processing equipment business. Company production base is located in Weifang City, Shandong Zhucheng Nanhu Industrial Park. While fully absorbing the international advanced technology, the company's technical team draw upon all the others to produce technologies that are suitable for the national conditions and industries and provide customers with first-class mechanical products to ensure that our products are in the leading position in the same industry.
   As the global population increases and consumer demands for food quality gradually increase, as well as problems and difficulties in the food manufacturing industry, such as bottlenecks such as automation, capacity and health needs, we also find that markets in different regions There is a wide range of requirements, so we can tailor the technical design according to the customer's needs. We also provide a series of independent mature products to ensure the flexibility and customer requirements. We focus on the future, innovation, environmental protection, and strive to help our customers win the future challenging competition. Innovation, professional, cooperation and win-win situation, we pay attention to your needs, exceed your expectations, the achievements of our common cause of technology brilliant.

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